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RJP Episode 295

Peter Tingle

Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant

Recorded 07/09/19

If you don’t get the title of this week’s episode you should stop now and go see Spider Man Far From Home before listening. Because yes, there will be SPOILERS.

Far From Home is the 2nd collaboration between Sony Pictures (who owns the Wall Crawler’s cinematic rights) and Marvel Studios (who duh, makes better Marvel films than anyone). It is also the MCU Spider Man’s second Solo film ... sort of. Just as there was a heaping helping of Tony Stark in Homecoming, in this follow up we get a whole lot of Nick Fury ... or do we. Wink, wink. Like all Marvel Studio films you haven’t seen everything until you wait through the very end of the credits. This time around the Marvel folks close the final chapter of their “third phase” line up with a reveal that leaves us speculating on where they will go next.

All this plus Random Topics, and an update on What’s on My Workbench.

Thanks for listening!

What's On My Workbench?

Barry's P51 Mustang Model

Barry's Captain America Vs. Red Skull Diorama - In Progress

Dave's Star Trek TOS: Assignment Earth Computer Interface Prop Replica

Tod's Locksmithing Tools . . . it's just a hobby., really.


You can find Episode 295 and all the rest here!

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