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RJP Episode 297

“I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.”

Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant

Recorded 07/17/19

Once again it’s San Diego ComicCon time. And, once again the Regular Joe’s stayed on the East Coast and read about it online. This of course does not stop them from talking about it at great length. There were major announcements regarding the Marvel Cinematic ... and soon to be, Streaming Universe. Just weeks after the conclusion of MCU’s Stage 3 we have the very ambitious roadmap for 2020 to 2021’s Stage 4, and even some hints at what lies beyond.

There was also quite a bit of Star Trek news, as Starship Captain turned vintner Jean Luc Picard Is joined by some familiar, and not so familiar, faces as he returns to episodic TV. Hear what other TV and film announcements the Joes are excited about, as well as new offerings from Hot Toys, QMx and others.

Along the way we run through some random topics, and in our selfless effort to bolster the American economy, we take a look at What’s in the Box.

Lastly we bid farewell to a truly good movie bad guy, Rutger Hauer.

Thanks for listening!

Photos from Regular Joes Podcast Episode 297

What's in The Box?

Dave's Spider-Man Far From Home EDITH glasses - by Stark Industries

Barry's Star Wars ESB Blaster Stand - by Lain's Display Accessories

Tod's Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile and Justice League Batmobile - by Jada Toys

w/ comparison to Eaglemoss 1:32 TAS Batmobile


You can find Episode 297 and all the rest here!

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