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RJP Episode 299

Turn it up to Eleven

Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant

Recorded 08/06/19

We gave you a whole month to watch, so if we are spoiling Stranger Things season 3 it is your own fault. Netflix perennial young adult/horror/fantasy favorite is back, and we might argue, back on track. This summer the Duffer Bros. take on 1980’s otherworldly weirdness adds a Mall and Russians. So really, how could they go wrong?

We also take a quick look at the various other summer series we are watching, find time to work in some Random Topics, and a round of What’s in the Box.

Thanks for listening!

You can find Episode 299 and all the rest here!

What's in The Box?

Barry's Star Wars Power of the Force Body Rig Security Scout Vehicle from 1985

Tod's The Enterprise War Audiobook - Written by John Jackson Miller, Read by Robert Petkoff

(Note: Eaglemoss USS Enterprise and iPad not included with purchase)

Dave's U.S. Mint Apollo 11 Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin

& Kim Hunter autograph from

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