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RJP Episode 300

Crystal Skulled

Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant - Recorded 08/16/19

We have been threatening to do this forever and it has finally happened. For our 300th episode we take on Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull rewatching the film, in some cases fo the first time since 2008. Long time listeners will recall that the term “Crystal Skulling” began with Barry’s one time effort to convince us that Crystal Skull is “not that bad.”

You can listen along as we provide a running commentary putting that hypothesis to the test. If you want to watch with us Crystal Skull is currently on Netflix and available for purchase as a download on several other platforms. SPOILER yeah, it’s actually quite bad, but we have a good time anyway.

While it is possible alcohol consumption is a factor, we do manage to find some good mixed in (or is it buried under?) the overly talky, and complicated plot. The truth is, for six years we have just enjoyed having the chance to get together once a week and this episode is no different.

If you have been with us for 300 episodes, or this is your first, as always ... Thanks for listening!

You can find Episode 300 and all the rest here!

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