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May 24, 2020

What's On My Workbench?


is the recurring podcast segment where

the Regular Joes update

listeners on their most recent projects


You can find pictures of what

they are talking about here


Episode 338: Magnificent Seven - Recorded 05/20/20


Barry's 1/12 Scale Bandai Boba Fett model 


Dave's Nick Fury/ Captain Marvel Pager replica






Episode 333: 3 Guys Sit Down and Hit Record - Recorded 04/07/20


Whats on My Workbench


Barry's WW II B17 Bomber Model 


Dave's Star Wars Holiday Special Light Sabre Replica


Reproduction Ghostbusters ESP Testing Cards


Tod's old Windows laptop to Chromebook project


c|net  Turn an old laptop into an awesome classwork Chromebook for your kids







Episode 324: Who Won The Superbowl?  - Recorded 12/04/19


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant



Tod's Night Custom 1/6 scale Talos figure as seen in Captain Marvel and Spiderman Far from Home


Barry's Bandai 1/5000 Star Destroyer lighted model


Dave's Knipex Wire Cutters and custom under worktable bookshelf








Episode 313: I’m on Lockdown - Recorded 11/19/19


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Tod's Glowforge created replacement stand for the Eaglemoss Batwing 


Barry's "plethora" of scale model Empire Strikes Back Snow Speeders 


Daves's "No, Really ... Han shot first." button also made on the Glowforge








Episode 305: Holy ... Grail, Batman - Recorded 09/27/19


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Barry's 2001 A Space Odyssey Pan-Am Space Clipper


Dave's Happy Hogan Funko Pop Figure ( soon to be a custom Jon Favreau )

& Regular Joe's Pen





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