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RJP Episodes 308, 309 & 310

November 1, 2019

Episode 310: If You Take The Fur Off It’s All Meat


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Recorded 10/31/19


One week after an encouraging final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker the Disney+ folks drop a last preview of the soon to released streaming series The Mandalorian. Which, the Regular Joes unanimously agree, looks freakin awesome.


Over in the Star Trek universe the Trouble with Edward, the most recent Short Treks installment, demonstrates that a) Trek can be funny as long as you are not hung up on canon ... and b) Tribbles are good eatin.


DC’s streaming series Titans is great. Their choice to play Bruce Wayne, the otherwise capable Ian Glen, not so much. Find who the Joes think would have been better cast. Including various other sexagenarians, because for some reason Dave thinks Batman should be eligible for social security by the time a Titans era Robin hits 30.


There’s also a round of Random topics, largely focused on people who won’t be making a Star Wars film, a Game of Thrones prequel that we will never see, and even more DC superhero’s heading for the Small screen soon. Oh, and we also fit in a round of What’s in the Box. That’s it. We are off to the RI Comicon and some much needed time off for three dudes, who quite frankly, are getting kind of cranky.

Thanks for listening!



What's in The Box?


Barry's Brown Haired Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker Variant 


Dave's Hallmark Tribble 2019 Holiday Ornament


Tod's Eaglemoss Star Trek Discovery Tardigrade





Episode 309: Loosely Based On ...


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Recorded 10/22/19


Regardless of what you might think of the last two Star Wars films it’s pretty much impossible to watch the just dropped final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker and not get excited.  The Regular Joes, two of whom endured football to see the trailer ... and one who watched seconds before they recorded, give their thoughts and impressions as they begin the countdown to Episode 9.


Next up they cover Random Topics and Tod details his crushing disappoint over an abominable adaptation of one of his favorite science fiction stories.


Then it’s on to a first look at HBO’s much anticipated Watchmen and the first, likely of many, ruminations over the upcoming Crisis in the Berlanti/DC Universe of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends, Black Lightning and now Batwoman. 


Thanks for listening!




Episode 308: Not Your Mother’s Nancy Drew


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Recorded 10/15/19


There is an informative, in depth and well made documentary on the making of Alien (1979) it just doesn’t happen to be Memory: The Origins of Alien which they all watched this week. If you can find a copy of The Beast Within: The Making of Alien you should watch that one.


While they’re on a roll they take on two new CW fall series, Batwoman and Nancy Drew. Since Tod is reputed to automatically like anything based on a comic book, and Dave is predisposed to like pretty much anything with an attractive female lead, logic would dictate they would have come up with something good to say about at least one of these shows. Listen and find out.


Along the way they cover some random topics, and do an Alien themed round of Show and Tell. You can see pics of their  Show and Tell items at regularjoe’s.com ... but probably not before the weekend, because that’s when Tod usually gets around to posting it.


Thanks for listening!



The Regular Joes Alien Series

Show and Tell


Barry's Pulse Rifle, Face Hugger and Poster


Dave's Pulse Rifle (Michael Biehn autographed) Nostromo Cap etc.


Tod's Pulse Rifle, Face Hugger and Dogtags





You can find Episodes 308- 310 and all the rest here!










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