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RJP Episode 313

November 23, 2019


Episode 313: I’m on Lockdown

Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Recorded 11/19/19


Several weeks into the fall 2019 TV season the Regular Joe’s take stock of what new TV shows they’ve picked up and stayed with and which they have let slide. Among these are Batwoman, Evil, Stumptown, Watchmen and yes, Nancy Drew. Each of which, interestingly, has a female lead.


They also Follow up on the show everyone seems to be talking about, Disney+’s flagship offering, The Mandalorian. Which, unless you bring up running time, seems to be universally well received.


Along the way they fit in some Random Topics (which is really just their weekly opportunity to dump on Martin Scorsese and Kathleen Kennedy) and give a peek at current projects in What’s on My Workbench.


Pretty much it’s an hour of trying to distract Barry so he won’t talk about the new Rise of Skywalker trailer to his two cohosts who are on “lockdown.” 



Thanks for Listening!



You can find Episode 313 and all the rest here!


What's On My Workbench?


Tod's Glowforge created replacement stand for the Eaglemoss Batwing 


Barry's "plethora" of scale model Empire Strikes Back Snow Speeders 


Daves's "No, Really ... Han shot first." button also made on the Glowforge








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