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RJP Episode 314

December 1, 2019

Episode 314: "This is the Way"


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Recorded 11/25/19


This past weekend two of the Regular Joes visited Wintercon so one could get an autograph from the actor who played Boxy in Battlestar Galactica and the other could get a residual Tom Cruse contact high. They saw some other stuff too. They’ll tell you about it.


It’s week three of Mandalorian so they talk more about that again. It time to just accept this is gonna be a thing for the next 5 weeks.


Tod has a theory about the new Batman film. He also has a theory about the Mandalorian. He spends way too much time thinking about this crap.



There’s also What’s in the Box and an atypically brief round of Random Topics.


Thanks for Listening! 



What's in The Box?



Dave's Star Trek Pilot Communicator Replica 


Barry's Vintage Star Wars Troop Transport


Tod's Iron Man Print on Metal by HEROFIED






You can find Episode 314 and all the rest here!










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