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May 24, 2020


What's in The Box?


As our listeners know,

the Regular Joes buy a lot of stuff


"What's in the Box?" is our continuing

chronology of conspicuous consumption



Episode 338: Magnificent Seven - Recorded 05/20/20


Tod's War of The Worlds Global Dispatches audio-book edited by Kevin Anderson


Barry's Vintage Imperial Sniper Body Rig - *Storm Trooper figure not included


Dave's Boliva Lunar Pilot reissue as worn by Apollo 15 mission Cmdr. Dave Scott 


w/ Dave Scott autograph


& Dave's Watch Winder Recommendation on Amazon







Episode 337: Implausible vs. Indecipherable - Recorded 05/12/20


Tod's These are the Voyages TOS Volumes 1, 2 & 3 - by Marc Cushman


Barry's Black Series Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Imperial Probe Droid 


Dave's Pentel P207 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil


& Tod's glasses hard case as storage for loose adapters etc in your backpack





Episode 336: May the 5 Be With You - Recorded 05/05/20


Brian's Mego Captain Kirk in green wrap around tunic


Barry's Funko Pop The Child (Baby Yoda) Bobble Head Figure


Tod's Art and Making of the Expanse by Titan Books


Dave's Art of Rise of Rise of Skywalker by Phil Szostak and Doug Chiang






Episode 335: Trek-Listing - Recorded 04/29/22


Barry's Industrial Light and Magic the Art of Special Effects from 1986


Tod's Eaglemoss Star Trek Beyond Enterprise


Dave's These Are the Voyages: Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek in the 1970's (1970-75) by Mark Cushman 








Episode 334: Regular JoeCon - Recorded 04/21/20


Barry's Original Star Wars Trilogy 4K Blu-Rays & shelf of previously purchased Star Wars DVDs  


Tod's 10 Star Trek Movie Stardate Blu-Ray Collection


Dave's Star Trek The Next Generation Film Phaser kit by by Stapleton Productions






Episode 333: 3 Guys Sit Down and Hit RecordRecorded 04/07/20


Barry's Return of The Jedi Ewok Assault Catapult


Tod's The Higher Frontier Star Trek TOS Novel by Christopher Bennett


Dave's Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) Autographs


Tod's mask maker recomendation  https://www.befastsportgear.com







Episode 332: I'm Your Huckleberry - A Podcast - Recorded 04/07/20


Tod's "Find Him and Kill him" replica Stamp from Top Secret (1984)


Brian's Relative Tom Mix and screen used Mercury Space Craft model from From Here To The Moon (1998)


Derryl's Lighted Batman Forever Batmobile and 3 in 1 Batman Forever Batmobile by Kenner


Barry's Warwick Davis autograph from 2012


Dave's Tom Cruise autograph from Mission Impossible and custom made toy gun holster (not pictured)






Episode 330: Creepy Clowns vs. Killer Robots - Recorded 03/25/20



Tod's Bowen Designs Moon Knight Statue from 2006


Barry's Solo Poster autographed by Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo) & Joonas Suotamo  (Chewbacca)


Dave's Val Kilmer Autograph from Tombstone (1993)


& Scary Clown painting by Dave's Mom 






Episode 329: Open Belly Instructions - Recorded 03/18/20



Tod's Eaglemoss XL series Discovery USS Enterprise (with 8 inch model for comparison)



Barry's Kenner Star Wars Empire Strikes back Tauntaun

with instructions for the Open Belly Tauntaun (not actually included)


Dave's 50's era Graphlex 2773 flash unit for conversion

to the 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special version of Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber 





Episode 328: Trolling Stone - Recorded 03/10/20



Barry's Steve Hacket autographed Album and BluRay & Original Clash Of The Titans (1981) poster


Tod's Resin Discovery Phaser Replica

& Original Battle Star Galactica Blaster repainted by Dave


Dave's Breitling "Avenger" Night Mission Watch 





Episode 327: Big, Little Joes - Recorded 03/04/20



Dave's Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye autographed photo

and vintage Star wars Poster


Tod's 1/12 Scale Mezco Moon Knight figure

and every other Moon Night figure ever made ... just because.


Barry's Vintage Kenner Star Wars RoTJ Ewok Combat Glider

with custom stand from Lain's Display Accessories







Episode 326: Make it ... Slow - Recorded 02/25/20



Barry's long awaited Harrison Ford autograph on his now complete Star Wars poster


Dave's Knoweasy Automatic Wire Stripper and Cutter Wire Stripper


Tod's Executive Replicas 1/6 scale 50th Anniversary Vampirella figure









Episode 325: Sunday Morning Show - Recorded 02/09/20



Tod's DC Comics Designer Series Nightwing Statue


Barry's complete, vintage Star Wars Album with Inserts


Dave's Gaffer's Tape Mini Rolls







Episode 321: At Some Point ... in a Galaxy Far Far Away. - Recorded 01/15/20



Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani, Tod Pleasant & Derryl DePriest


Joe's Choice


Tods Fun With Flashlights - LLBean  Winter Cap with Integrated light 


Barry's What's on My Workbench - Bandai Super Star Destroyer, Star Destrower 

& Rebel Blockade Runner Models


Dave's What's in The Box - Autographed Picture of JJ Abrams 

& Poster with Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver and Ian McDiarmid







Episode 320: 2019 in the Rear View Mirror  - Recorded 01/07/20


Dave's Titans Robin shuriken replica


Tod's Batman The Animated Series Statue by Sideshow


Barry's AFA Graded vintage telescoping Lightsaber Luke and Blue Snaggletooth figures



Also pictured: Dave's Cat Orion 







Episode 319: What's in The (gift) Box Recorded 12/28/19


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


For Barry


Black Series Luke Skywalker Helmet by Hasbro from Tod (and himself) 

Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary, Icons: Han Solo & Ice Cream Maker from Dave


For Dave


Kotobukya Spider Man, Apollo 11 Shop Manual & Element Vodka  from Tod

"Rian Johnson Sucks" tee shirt & Making of Solo Book from Barry


For Tod 


Star Trek Scarf and "Rian Johnson Sucks" tee shirt from Barry

Batman the Definitive History Book & Ice Cream Maker from Dave


... and Willrow Hood







Episode 315: Auction Talking - Recorded 12/02/19


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant



Tod's Night Hero Mask By StickFX


Dave's  vintage1960's Walkie Talkie set for Batgirl Walkie talkie prop replica


Barry's Gibson  2019 ES-335 Guitar





Episode 314: "This is the Way" - Recorded 11/25/19

Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Dave's Star Trek Pilot Communicator Replica 


Barry's Vintage Star Wars Troop Transport


Tod's Iron Man Print on Metal by HEROFIED






Episode 312: I Have Spoken - Recorded 11/12/19


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant



Barry's Vintage Empire Strikes Back Snowspeeder


Dave's Bill Murray Ghostbusters autograph 


Tod's Alien The Blueprints Book - by Graham J. Langridge






Episode 310: If You Take The Fur Off It’s All Meat - Recorded 10/31/19


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant



Barry's Brown Haired Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker Variant 


Dave's Hallmark Tribble 2019 Holiday Ornament


Tod's Eaglemoss Star Trek Discovery Tardigrade







Episode 304: Watch Men - Recorded 10/17/19


Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant



Tod's 1900's era  Edison Phonograph Cylinder


Dave's DX Star Wars Darth Maul Figure By Hot Toys


Barry's Vintage Star wars Cloud City Playset







Episode 303: What We Left Behind - Recorded 09/10/19

Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant


Recorded 09/10/19


Barry's Perter Mayhew Coin


Tod's Kotobukiya DC Comics Catwoman Returns Bishoujo Statue


Barry's Peter Mayhew Memorial Challenge Coin


Dave's Apollo 11 Micheal Collins and Odd Couple actors Tony Randall & Jack Klugman

autographs from www.toddmuellerautographs.com 






Episode 301: And So It Goes . . . - Recorded 08/21/19

Hosts: Barry Kay, David Pisani & Tod Pleasant



Barry's NEW Star Wars Return of the Jedi Skiff - by Hasbro


Tod's Eaglemoss Batwing from Batman (1989)


Dave's Blade Runner style whiskey tumblers inspired by Cini Boeri design