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RJ Podcast • December Galleries

Episode 367 | Filoni & Favreau Save the Universe

Recorded 12/22/20

Show and Tell

Derryl’s Lenticular Batman sign & Welcome to the Batcave sign from Hobby Lobby

Tod’s Batgirl from the Superpowers Collection by Tweeterhead

Dave’s Home theater in progress

Brian’s 1960s remote controlled Aston Martin tin toy (restoration project)

Barry’s now completed Star Trek Shuttlecraft model


Episode 366 | We Have Seen the Future

and it is . . . Disney

Recorded 12/15/20

What's in the Box?

Tod’s 1955 Mercury Futura Concept Car Hallmark Ornament

Dave & Barry’s Ant-man and the Wasp The Wasp figure from Hot Toys


Episode 365 | The Bantha in The Room

Recorded 12/08/20

What's in the Box?

Tod's Batman Hush Figure by MAFEX

Barry's Star Wars Celebration 2020 Patch and Empire Strikes Back 40Th Anniversary Mug

& Natalie Portman's autographed Fables book (for future project use)

Dave's Phoenix E01 v2 Flashlight


Episode 364 | Going, Going ... Grogu?

Recorded 12/01/20

What's in the Box?

Tod's The Art of Captain Marvel book

Barry's Rush Counterparts, Test for Echo, Vapor Trails Tour Books & Mug

Dave's Nidage Wi-Fi Enabled 11' Remote Endo Scope Camera (not for internal use)

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