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Episode 359 | Space Programs

Recorded 10/27/20

What's in the Box?

Barry's Autographed Terri Nunn/Berlin Poster

Tod's copy of Space Toys of the 1960's by James H. Gillam

Dave's "Peace through Superior Firepower" tee shirt from Aliens


Various images of swag and projects in process from Dave and Barry's online mask making class with Adam Savage

and Barry's Eddie Van Halen tribute Astro Mech Droid

Episode 358 | Disco Fever

Recorded 10/20/20

What's in the Box?

Brian's Iron Man Helmet online purchase fail from Hong Kong ... ouch

Tod's vintage Zobor from Ideal's 1960's Zeroid line

Dave's Star Wars Biker Scout Helmet Kit from www.kropserkel.com

Barry's Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren figure by Hot Toys

and Darth Maul Lightsaber from Galaxy's Edge.


Brian's Zeroid Collection and 1960's Era Zeroid catalog ad

Episode 356 | The Great Gig in the Sky

Recorded 10/06/20

What's in the Box?

Tod's Wonder Woman 1984 (release date unknown) Golden Armor DC Multiverse Figure by McFarlane

Barry's Star Wars: The Force Awakens 2015 Rey Salvaged Helmet by Anovos

Dave's Lyndsey Wagner autographed photo

Hot Toys Minute

Tod's Hot Toys Chitauri Commander from The Avengers 2012 and Endgame 2019 Rocket Racoon

Barry's Hot Toys Solo: A Star Wars Story 2018 Han Solo and Han Solo Mud Trooper


Inside ILM: Creating the Razor Crest

Adam Savage: How ILM Made the

Mandalorian's Razor Crest Motion Controlled Miniature

Episode 355 | TV Guides

Recorded 09/22/20

What's in the Box?

Barry's Star Wars: The Mandalorian 2019 Hot Toys "Remnant" Storm Trooper

Tod's Endgame 2019 Black Widow figure by Hot Toys and, all but one, previous versions

Dave's J.W. Rinzler The Making of Aliens and Vice-Grip Needle Nose Pliers


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