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RJ Podcast • April Galleries

Episode 386 | There’s Only One Cap, Ma’am

Recorded 04/27/21

Show and Tell

Tod's Diamond Comics Femme Fatales series Atom Eve from Invincible

Barry’s Star Wars Death Star tile castings w/ display frame by Dave

Dave's 1970's Speidel name bracelet ... box & Corgi Daktari Toys

Episode 383 | Falcon and the Winter Snoozer

Recorded 04/06/21

What's in the Box?

Barry’s Alesis full sized electronic drum set

Tod's Super Duck custom Marvel Mantis figure

Dave's 100 Movies Scratch off

Episode 382 | Nimoy's Tootsie Pop

Recorded 03/30/21

What's in the Box?

Tod's 1989 Batman Batarang replica by NECA

Dave's folding gaming seat auxiliary seating for theater room

Brian's custom model box of NASA prototype Moon Suit (note: no actual model exists)

What's on My Workbench?

Brian's custom For All Mankind M-16 Lunar Variant

Barry's Lockheed F-104 Starfighter from Star Trek Tomorrow is Yesterday episode (not pictured)


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