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RJ Podcast • February Galleries

Episode 377 | Agatha Who?

Recorded 02/24/21

What's in the Box?

Brian’s Ultraman reissue vinyl figure of uncertain vintage

Barry's 2 variations of Rush's Permanent Waves album

Tod's Return of the Jedi Luke lightsaber replica from Galaxy's Edge

Dave's "Re-forged" Rey/Luke Skywalker lightsaber from Galaxy's Edge

& Milwaukee M12 Compact Drill

What's On My Workbench?

Brian’s 1980's homemade Return of the Jedi Luke lightsaber replica based on early promotional photo

Tod’s All Quiet on the Martian Front Assault Tripod 3 pack model kit

2010 McDonald's Happy Meal toy for conversion to Martian tripod

3D Design for The War of the World's 1953 style version of Martian tripod

Dave's Theater Room Candy cabinet and custom pillows

& Milwaukee M12 Compact Drill

Brian’s COMPLETED The Man from Uncle P-38 w/silencer, stock and fore grip replica with custom display

Barry’s COMPLETED vintage1960's Aurora reissue "Forgotten Prisoner" model

& start of reissue Aurora Phantom of the Opera model

by Atlantis Models


Episode 375 | You Look MARVELous

Recorded 02/09/21

What's in the Box?

Tod’s Marvel Legends Moon Knight figure by Hasbro

Barry’s SSR label pin replicas from Captain America The First Avenger

& Star Wars Tantive 4 playset with a vintage style Rebel Fleet trooper by Hasbro

Dave's Guardians of the Galaxy vol. II movie theater movie mylar marque poster


Episode 374 | Marvel Orphans

Recorded 02/02/21

What's in the Box?

Barry’s, Dave & Tod's Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora by Hot Toys

Barry’s, Dave & Tod's Avengers Endgame Nebula by Hot Toys

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