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RJ Podcast • June Galleries

Episode 394 | Off The Rack Indy

Recorded 06/22/21

Derryl DePriest's Indiana Jones Collection

Episode 393 | Fedora Dreams

Recorded 06/15/21

Wondercon 2021

If you like models you’ll love Wondercon in Louisville KY. If you love models, then this show is an eye-gasm of things to see. From the expert model show, to the dealer’s room full of garage kits, to the free lessons on painting and making your own kits. Oh, and the annual meeting of the full size Lost in Space (B9) robot builders.

Photos by Brian Mix

Petersen Museum Automotive

You don’t have to be a car guy to love the Petersen Museum Automotive in Los Angeles this year. Their newest display is a perfect reproduction of the Chariot from Lost in Space. The entire first floor is currently displaying Sci-Fi cars. From Luke’s screen used land speeder, to Blade Runner Spinners, to Batmobiles there are a multitude non-motor head items to gaze upon.

Photos by Brian Mix


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