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Episode 389 | What's in the Boxes?

Recorded 05/18/21

What's in the Box?

Tod, Barry and Dave's Mandalorian & Child (aka Grogu) Deluxe version by Hot Toys

Barry’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Skywalker Legacy (Luke and Leia) Lightsaber set

Tod's Volume One of The Ultimate Collection of Invincible

Dave's DeWalt Thickness Planer

Episode 388 | You Should Read the Comic

Recorded 05/11/21

What's in the Box?

Tod's The Smell of Space (Eau de Luna) and The Smell of The Moon (Eau de Luna) custom fragrances

Barry’s Vintage Star Wars (kind of creepy) Jabba's Dungeon Playset

Dave's 1940's to 1950's Simpson Micro-meter

Episode 387 | May the . . . For All Mankind

Recorded 05/04/21

Show and Tell etc.

Tod's Massachusetts Department of Transportation May the 4th Highway Alert Signs

Brian's Updated Replica For All Mankind updated with Apollo Flashlight

Barry's King Tut Exhibition book from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tod's 1965 Batman Puzzle (currently missing) and his Spidel ID Bracelet

Dave's Texas Instruments digital watch & 1960's to 1970's Itty Bitty Diener erasers

Brian's Major Matt Mason Calisto Figure, Planet of the Apes cards

and homemade Star Trek Communicator


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