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RJ Podcast • September Galleries

Episode 354 | Three Joes, Three Shows

Recorded 09/22/20

What's in the Box?

Barry's Screen used Star Trek 2008 now displayed on mannequin (aka Ensign Emanuel Quinn)

Tod's Six Million Dollar Man Maskatron: Day of The Robot (1974) print signed by Lee Majors and John Saxon

Dave's Christopher Lambert autographed photo from Highlander 1986


Episode 353 | Random Robot Ruminations

Recorded 09/15/20

"Robot" Show and Tell

Brian's Japanese Tin Astronaut Robot Figure

Tod's 10' Diamond Select Iron Giant 1999 figure and Hollywood Collectibles (2019 edition) Blaster from Blade Runner 1982

Barry's Rogue One 2016 K-2SO figure by Hot Toys

Derryl's Childhood design for "Droid Factory" and actual produced Droid Factory set

Dave's 1960's Remco Lost in Space Robot


Episode 352 | The Boys Are Back In Town... Again

Recorded 09/9/20

What's in the Box?

Barry's Screen Hot Toys Return of The Jedi 1983 Endor Leia and Wicket Figures

Tod's 1990's Armored Costume Daredevil

and Classic Gwen Stacy (aka Peter Parker's dead Girlfriend) figures with

hugely insensitive alternate M.J. (aka Peter Parker's next Girlfriend) head

Dave's Godzilla Microman as Gamera Figure and Micoo LED Flame Effect bulb


Episode 351 | The Depecialized, Legacy, 4K Edition

Recorded 09/02/20

What's On My Workbench?

Tod's Electrician's / Phone installer's Scissors

Brian' Reproduction Man From U.N.C.L.E. 1964 Gun

Barry's Star Trek 1996 Shuttle Craft Model - IN PROGRESS

Dave's Batman 1966 Batgirl Walkie-Talkie (unfringed version) COMPLETED

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