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Episode 1. Page 1.  This was where I learned that, as cool as The Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns and all those old Will Eisner Spirit pages may look, if you write only 9 and 10 panel pages the artist won't like you very much. I won't forget. I have this original art page framed in my office


In this ep. we see the Commander recruiting a still intact Mike Power from NASA.


We also establish that the bubble on the Mobile Support Vehicle tips forward ... the way I always imagined as kid.


Not everyone was wild about bringing pre-Atomic Mike onto the team as their "science advisor." Over the years I got a lot of pressure to get to the Atomic man phase of his story. I always saw that as the end of our narrative. I wanted everyone to know the man, with both strengths and weaknesses, behind the seemingly all capable cyborg. 

I really love the panel seven shot of the Commander commandeering an SR-71. Rod and I talked about this looking like a shot out of the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man Alive" ad campaign. He draws tech so freakin cool. 

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