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Regular Joes

Regular Joes is a photo comic that appeared monthly in the GI Joe Collector’s Club Magazine from 2004 to 2014. The Regular Joes themselves are a vintage 60’s G.I.Joe Action Solder and his cousin, a 70’s Land Adventurer, neither of whom have ever quite adjusted to the sedentary lifestyle of a collectable toy.

The inspiration for Regular Joes came to us on flight home from the Joelanta show in 2004.  Enough time had passed since we had finished our previous project that we were both open to another foray into 1/6 scale story telling. After the massive logistical undertaking that had been AESOP a one or two page monthly strip for the GI Joe Collector’s Club seemed . . . manageable. By the time our flight had landed we had planned out a year’s worth of episodes. Most of which we have actually gone on to produce.

While you may have seen these episodes in print, or bought Regular Joes: Volume I, If you look closely you may spot a few never before seen versions that we couldn’t get past the censors. 


- Tod Pleasant and David Pisani

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