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ATC Volume I: Secret Missions

The first ATC storyline was released contemporaneously with the 3 3/4 carded Adventure Team Figure and vehicles. The goal was to introduce the four primary AT characters, Air Adventurer, Sea Adventurer, Land Adventurer and Commander in the five two page installments. Because the AT has always lacked for human adversaries early 1980's G.I. Joe comic Dr. Venom was added to that batch of figures.  

There was a fair amount of disagreement on how prominent Dr. Venom should be. In the end, we managed to depict each of the AT figures, Dr. Venom, and the vehicles ... as well as slip in the Mobile Support Vehicle and intro pre-Atomic Mike Power.   

For the second storyline, I had no particular guidelines.  In my mind the Man of Action was always the spy guy. As a kid he was my stand-in for James Bond. Episodes 06 to 08 drop him into the backstory of another 3 3/4 G.I. Joe character. Ok, yeah the timing is a bit off but in comics people don't quite age as they do in the real world.


Episodes 06 - 08

Secret Agent Man

Wild Thing

Blitzkrieg Bop

One thing I never anticipated was how much I would like doing the one-shot stories. Given a choice, I would have written everything that way. Of course, I would also have always wished for several more pages to tell each story. 


My original concept for the one-shots was one character one story. Narratively that did not really work out. By the time I had written ep. 02 I realized that, if the protagonist did not have someone to talk to, you needed a whole lot of ugly narration boxes that blocked the art. Most often I ended up writing two characters interacting with others filing in a support role. 

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