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With a handle fired Luger, barrel extension, shoulder stock and tape recorder the Secret Agent briefcase was the coolest covert ops accessory of the entire Adventure Team run.


We took a bit of creative license making the tape recorder a bomb. I remembered that everything Q Branch issued to Bond served two functions, so why not.

The English language countdown and the two East German guards is lifted from the Klingon's on the Enterprise bridge failing to understand the audible self-destruct warning scene from Star Trek III.


A few years ago I met Dave Weindel, one of the designers of the Adventure Team Helicopter. When the design was nearly complete it struck him that the helo needed a winch. The bean counters at Hasbro told him they could include one only if it added no more than 2 cents to the production cost. What they devised was simple, functional and came in under 2 cents.

We never learn what is in the envelope from the safe. I kept a running list of dropped crumbs like that which I planned to tie all together one day. This one, not so much.


Our would-be kidnap "victim" is a teenaged version of the most notorious woman in the 80's G.I. Joe line. 


The Baroness and the Man of Action meet again in the Shattered Glass storyline.

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