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Yup. The Land Adventurer is friends with Indiana Jones and borrowed the fertility idol.

Wait. Indy did not end up with the idol? Rene Belloq did? Yeah, I was going to fix that. I had a story where the Land Adventurer requests the idol in exchange for a sketchy, and very complicated, favor done for Belloq family. In the final panels he leaves the idol on the nightstand of a napping elderly Indy. 

I got a hard "no" on that proposal. 


There were certain edicts that went with this storyline. The first among these was Dr. Venom had to get away. I hated the box this put us in story-wise but he had to remain free to so he could oppose the RAH joes later.  Continuity, and Dave Lane, are cruel masters. 


Because the mini AT copter was a reuse of what would later become the COBRA Fang helicopter I thought Venom stealing the "prototype" explained how they ended up using the same design.



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