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I wanted to give the Adventurers distinct personalities. Most apparent here is that the Land Adventurer is probably better suited to solo missions. 

Each of the three Club produced vehicle are seen here. While there are all reuses of 3 3/4 line molds I think they fit the AT line nicely. I would have loved the Sea-Wolf 2 mini-sub in 1/6 scale. 


My planned explanation for the AT carrying fairly obscure Belgian revolvers is that Nagant gas seal design was the only repeating handgun suitable for the gas propelled tranquilizer rounds the AT created and used. This works better than Hasbro did not want to mold another pistol and the French Foreign Soldier's gun fit the existing shoulder holster. 


I have always considered it cheating to drop a previously unmentioned piece of gear into a story as an escape hatch. It would have been really handy in this story to have tranquilizer dart firing guns, but we weren't there yet. 

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