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ATC Volume II: Down Below

With the first batch of episodes completed it was suggested that we return to the format of a single multi-chapter story arc to span the Adventure Team Chronicles second year. The idea was to mirror the structure of the long-running 3 3/4 Joe comic written by Dave Lane. I was enjoying exploring the different team members in the one-shots and proposed a mission that would eventually call for the entire team. My template for working six to eight characters into three-page installments came from the old Justice Society of America and later Justice League comics. The heroes would a) identify a threat, then b) separate, or pair up, to tackle different aspects of it, before c) coming together for a finale. Because that was not complicated enough I bookended the story with a prologue and epilogue set in the present day. 

Reviewing my notes and emails from 2012, including a brief synopsis of 12 proposed installments, it is clear that, while the start and end points stayed pretty fixed, where we went in between is something else entirely. 

While I remain less than satisfied with the big picture there are bits I am very pleased with, including some great artwork from my collaborators. To er, ... illustrate this, I have added a gallery to episode 14 which shows the various stages a comic page goes through from script to print-ready. Basically how other very talented people make my words look good. 

GIJCC November 2012 cover.jpg

Episodes 12 - 15, 17- 23

Golden Years

One Way Out

(with making of Gallery) 

Nowhere to Run

You Can't Always Get What You Want


Subterranean Homesick Blues

Welcome To The Machine


Long Time Gone

Right Place, Wrong Time

Band On The Run

Pick Up The Pieces


Note: Episode 16 is a stand alone story and with be in Vol III.

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