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RI ComicCon 2019 • GALLERY

Episode 311: RI ComicCon 2019 - Alien Number Nine

Hosts: Barry Kay, Brian Mix, David Pisani,

Derryl DePriest & Tod Pleasant

Recorded 11/04/19 - 11/05/19

At this time each year the Regular Joes meet up for the biggest comic con in the smallest state. This time around they were joined by old and new friends Derryl DePriest and Brian Mix. in addition to the traditional recap they get the chance to chat with the men behind two fan favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, Tim Rose aka Admiral Akbar and Mike Quinn who has played Nien Nunb in four of the Skywalker saga films. Both are veteran performers with long histories including the Muppets.

As usual a few of the shows other guests, including a Wookie and a famous movie mom, play through.

So, pretty much business as usual for their impromptu hotel lobby talk show.

Special thanks to superb guest hosts Brian and Derryl and, as always, thanks for listening!

Rhode Island Comic Con 2019 Gallery

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